Huni Architectes brings together several teams of architects in France and Asia (Toulon, Marseille, Bandol, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City). Our teams make available to our clients their expertise for any type of program (cultural, hotel, housing, tertiary, commercial, architectural infrastructure, urban planning, rehabilitation, and artistic direction). BIM technology is integrated from the design phase.




"The contrast -- full empty; dark light; shown suggested; brilliant matte - contributes to the unspeakable form. It is the image of a feeling visible to the naked eye proposing another poetic reality. Is this axiom enough for the architect? Blaise Pascal wrote: "Justice without force is powerless; force without justice is tyrannical." We formulate the following aphorism: Feeling without aesthetics is impotent; aesthetics without feeling is tyrannical. The architect works for this, creating this amalgam forged in doubt and questioning. What for?!  Because architecture is a dream set in volume, located where the imaginary commits thieves to reason. Because it is this ascent path in balance in search of improbable; legs and arms, the heart and the head; the beginning and end of the lived space. Because it is this journey that allows the cohabitation of opposites making the dream tangible. Because it is the formal habitable response to the material and immaterial needs of the soul. Our ambition? Achieving the ineffable; to ensure that architecture remains that moment when the heart speaks to the head!"


Huni Architectes.